Personal Rates

Savings & Checking

Savings Accounts
Description Interest Rate APY* (as high as)
Regular Shares 0.10% 0.10%
IRA (Traditional, ROTH, & Coverdell) Shares 0.25% 0.25%
Share Draft (Checking)
Account Type Annual Percentage Yield*
Share Draft 0.000%

Special share certificate rates

5 year 3.250%
1 year 2.650%

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1APY is Annual Percentage Yield. Minimum deposit $650. No rate adjustment on prior share certificates. Must be new money not previously deposited in any UFCU account. Fees may reduce earnings. There
is a penalty to withdraw the money (principal) you deposited into your Certificate before it reaches the maturity date; you may withdraw the dividend earned at any time w/o penalties. Other rates and terms are available. Rates may change. UFCU reserves the right to terminate these offers at any time without any further notice. Membership subject to eligibility. Federally insured by NCUA.

Regular Certificates Dividend Rate APY*
6 months 1.000% 1.004%
1 year 2.000% 2.015%
2 years 2.250% 2.269%
3 years 1x Bump Up 2.500% 2.524%
4 years 2.500% 2.524%
5 years 2.750% 2.778%

IRA Certificates (Traditional, Roth, & Coverdell)

Regular IRA Certificates Dividend Rate APY*
1 year 2.050% 2.066%
2 years 2.250% 2.269%
3 years 1x Bump up 2.500% 2.524%
4 years 2.550% 2.574%
5 years 2.800% 2.830%

$500 Minimum deposit on all regular certificate accounts. Rates may change. Penalty applies for early withdrawal; fees may reduce earnings.

Money Market

Money Market

Avg. Monthly Bal – $500 Min Annual Percentage Yield*
$500 – $2,499 0.200%
$2,500 – $24,999 0.300%
$25,000 – $99,999 0.400%
$100,000+ 0.600%


Auto Loans

New Auto Loan

Term in Years APR* as low as
3 4.250%
4 4.500%
5 4.750%
6 5.000%
7 5.250%

Used Auto Loan

Term in Years APR* as low as
3 4.500%
4 4.750%
5 5.000%
6 5.250%
Personal Loan
Term in Years APR* as low as
1 8.500%
2 9.500%
3 10.500%
4 11.500%
5 12.000%
Share Secured Loan
Term in Years APR* as low as
2 2.500%
3 3.250%
4 3.500%
5 3.750%
Visa Credit Card
Transaction Type APR* as low as
Purchases 10.50% to 13.50%
Balance Transfers 10.50% to 13.50%
Cash Advance 12.50% to 15.50%
Overdraft Line of Credit
Type APR* as low as
Unsecured 12.500%
Share Secured 7.000%

Mortgage Loans

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Fixed Rate
Term APR* as low as, 0 points
5 Years 4.125%
10 Years 4.250%
15 Years 4.500%
20 Years 4.625%
25 Years 4.750%
30 Years 4.750%
Adjustable Rate ARM
Type APR* as low as, 0 points
20 Years 4.125%
25 Years 4.250%
Hybrid Adjustable Rate
Type APR* as low as, 0 Points
3/1/30 4.375%
5/1/30 4.500%
7/1/30 4.750%
10/1/30 5.000%
Term APR* as low as, 0 Points
5 Years 4.375%
10 Years 4.500%
12 Years 4.625%
15 Years 4.750%
20 Years 4.875%
25 Years 5.000%
Home Equity Loans
Term APR* as low as, 0 Points
Home Improvement Unsecured – 5 Years 6.500%
Home Equity up to 80% LTV – 10 Years 6.250%
Home Equity up to 80% LTV – 15 Years 6.750%
Home Equity Line of Credit HELOC
80% $400,000.00 Currently 5.250% 0.000% 5.250%
75% $400,000.00 Currently 5.250% 0.000% 5.250%

Rate will never be below the initial rate or exceed 16.00%. Rates are available to new accounts only and cannot be used to refinance existing UFCU equity debt. Rates are subject to approval. For properties located in the states of New York, Massachusetts, and Ohio, UFCU will waive closing costs up to $1,000 for members with credit scores of 680 and above. However, if you close your account within the first 36 months of your account open date, you must reimburse us for the actual costs and fees paid in connection with the opening of your account. Minimum line amount is $10,000.

*APY is Annual Percentage Yield. APR is Annual Percentage Rate. All rates are subject to change without notice. Fees may reduce earnings in savings, money market, share certificate, and/or IRA accounts. Share savings rates are accurate as of the last dividend declaration date and these rates may change after the account is opened. Some accounts have a minimum balance requirement in order to earn dividends. Certificate accounts have a penalty for early withdrawal of the principal balance; however, you may withdraw the dividends earned at any time without penalty. Loan rates are shown as low as; your actual rate may vary based on your credit history, type of loan, down payment, and other factors. All loans are subject to credit underwriting terms and conditions.

Rates accurate as of: 11/29/2018, 10:21:04 am

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